Scholarship Aid

The CTN Scholarship Aid funds the education of orphans, abandoned children, and children from poor families in the deprived communities of Ghana, West Africa. This Scholarship Aid focuses on less privileged children who may never get the opportunity to go to school for lack of financial support; children who may remain illiterate without the intervention of a charitable organization like CTN. The Aid funds the formal education of carefully selected children from basic school to college/university.

CTN is currently providing financial support for the education of fourteen (14) less-privileged children in Ghana West Africa, with a goal to extend this opportunity to at least one hundred (100) carefully selected needy children in Ghana at a time. Beneficiaries of the CTN Scholarship Aid receive financial support which covers School Fees, Stationary, School uniforms, school bags, and foot wears, school feeding fees or pocket money, hostel fees, and all other things needed for a successful formal education, from basic school to tertiary.